Future Türksat

Demirden has designed the new corporate identity for Türksat. Through the corporate identity design process ‘Future Türksat’, the first steps are being taken into a trustworthy and globally interconnected future.

We live in a world where information travels in seconds and where technology opens itself up to new experiences and possibilities. We continue to progress and develop with the new values which give life meaning.

Along the path lit by information and in pursuit of innovative technology; Future Türksat will rise with its new corporate identity built on values touching people and life. Demirden, stresses that an ever inspiring, leading and professional brand motivation was behind the development of the new 
corporate identity.

The Türksat brand rises on three fundamental values.
The leading, fast and experience seeking connotations of the brand come forward as values embracing today and tomorrow. Türksat as an expert and trustworthy brand, represents its second fundamental value. The way the brand inspires and
gives new energy into communication constitutes the third fundamental value.

Project: Türksat
Year: 2014
Location: Istanbul
Scope: Corporate Identity Design