Synesthesia: Unexpected Sensations and Stories of Migration Exhibition Visual Identity Design

GAA Foundation organized Venice Design 2017 between May,13- Nov, 26 2017 in tandem with the 57th edition of the Biennale. Venice Design 2017 showcases works of designers from around the world, among which the True Treu collective took part. True Treu is composed of Ali Bakova, Argun Dağçınar, Aykut Erol, Can Yalman, Demirden/ilio, İzlem Akman, Neslihan Işık, Serhan Gürkan and Yiğit Yazıcı.

The exhibition titled Synesthesia: Unexpected Sensations and Stories of Migration brought together designers, who question in their respective design installations the different facets of the phenomenon of migration from relocation, taking root, and rootlessness, to movement within technological and cultural networks, spreading seeds, and confronting the other. Benan Kapucu was the curator of this collective exhibition which was to be shown in Palazzo Michiel in Venice.

In the stories that inspired the design installations, the designers focused on the personal, emotional and perceptional impacts of the phenomenon of migration, rather than scrutinizing its impact on societies and regions; and invites the audience to explore new spheres of experimentation that result from the encounter with the other and the following