Future Lines

Demirden designed and executed the Silverline exhibition stand at IFA 2018 which is one of the most prestigious consumer electronics fairs in the world. The iconic and attractive exhibition space that emphasizes the power and experience of the brand, elaborates on the innovative and future-oriented technology.

The positioning of Silverline products according to different areas of expertise, creates strong and independent focus points. The seven areas are separated by iconic metal rods that generate a depth of field through different axes. The metal rods are used as architectural elements to define different areas while acting as powerful instruments of design with various colors.

Products with different characteristics are exhibited in specially designed exhibition areas that let the visitors experience the usage scenarios.

Located at the center of the exhibition area, Smart Kitchen section designed for Silverline’s high-tech and innovative product experience, creates the focus of the area with a high, uninterrupted glass facade and a color palette that stregnthens the brand perception. The product is isolated from the rest of the exhibition area for voice command and camera system requirements.

Flow-in hoods are displayed in the Supreme section and are combined with other kitchen appliances creating an ergonomic, vibrant, functioning kitchen area where visitors can observe a live kitchen.

Project: Silverline
Year: 2018
Location: Berlin
Space: 166 m²
Scope: Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
Photography: Silverline