Polisan Paintistanbul

Demirden's new exhibition design, which bases on defining the cooperation between Polisan with Japanese Kansai Paint, has been visited during the Paintistanbul & Turkcoat fair on 22-24 March 2018.

The new theme, aims at transforming Japanese cultural and aesthetic norms into the space with professional simplicity
while still referring to the colorful and cheerful identity that Polisan already has. Main elements of Japanese architecture 

are referred to while the space setup is being shaped. It owns 

a structure where the audience can feel the separation of the interior and the exterior at the first contact.

This spatial segmentation also provides a basis for the way in which product categories are distinguished from one another
in terms of their functions and application areas. The space is dominated by a color lab that reflects the brand's strong, professional and technological value.

At the points where the viewer encounters with colors, Uchiwa-type fans which have a deep-rooted background in Japanese culture, on which painters applied various designs and textures throughout history, and bamboo abstractions that are used in the production show themselves. While these design elements create a magical atmosphere with the patterns and colors applied to them, the interactive environment is provided with a mini-fan that the visitor can work on his / her imagination.

Project: Polisan
Year: 2018
Location: Istanbul
Space: 98 m²
Scope: Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
Photography: İbrahim Özbunar