Dreams Gallery of Life

Smiling in the midst of an enchanting glitter... Touching a calm water surface... Becoming a partner to the dreams of glass masters... Designed and produced by Demirden, 

the showroom embraces life with windows of emotion: sincere, simple and inspiring... It breathes with the excitement of every single moment and invites visitors to sophisticated world with its simple and elegant design.

Stepping into the showroom we see natural materials coming together with simple forms in order to build product displays. The central display units, which serve as a modern interior furniture, offered as one of the keystone of a spacious
space setup.

The area where the natural forms meet the glass will reshape your sense of harmony in a higher level.

The glass-lined high-wall system differentiates various product groups and supports the rhythm of the space.

Social areas are not forgotten for those who want to take a break in the showroom. First pleasant stop is the bar consisting of natural materials such as iron and marble, in combination with raw metal construction positoned in the center where you can feel good while taking a sip of your drink. The comfortable seats placed just next to the vertical pergola system, made out of 4 m high colored glass plates, is another stop to experience the magical atmosphere up-close. This structure, which allows the light to infiltrate magically inside, resembles a reed bed and offers a relaxed and natural meeting environment.

The visual displays in the upper plane representing emotional stops, create and innovative and effective exhibition design. 
The abstract images that relate to the product groups make
a strong impact with their large dimensions and turn the exhibition design into a sincere, welcoming experiment. Sometimes one will feel lost in a kaleidoscope, touching a 
calm water surface, and sometimes will feel enlightenment through reflections of glass.

The new showroom rests timeless with a sincere relationship with the visitors, displaying hundreds of products lean and strong, reflecting the glass world in an inspiring plane.

Project: Paşabahçe
Year: 2017
Location: Düsseldorf
Space: 290 m²
Scope: Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
Photography: Christian Bacher, Demirden