Dynamism of Simplicity

Şişecam’s global design brand Nude just opened its shop-in-shop located inside Paşabahçe Stores. The concept designed and executed by Demirden | ilio transforms the brand’s founding motto into a leading retail experience with an architectural language that spans the entire store.

Nude looks at life through the lens of simplicity; decluttering and distilling, marrying form with function, always reflecting the lifestyle of less-ordinary people.

The emphasis on design and high-quality hand-made production in Nude products gets a chance to attract more viewers through Demirden | ilio’s dynamic, extraordinary and effective shelving system, specially designed for Nude, that allows dozens of exhibition scenarios to take place.

The self-illuminated slim shelf system, carrying reflections of Nude’s corporate colors, is a flexible structure open to surprises and is able to keep pace with changing needs.

This structure shaped with new product groups offers a living, changing space experience. Easily placed on the backdrop of the shelves that need to be customized, the colored printed plates give the visitors the opportunity to communicate with the products one by one, letting the product details be the focus point.

The central cube display units, which refer to the beauty of simplicity, stand out as the visiting points arising from the integration of the material and mere function. The combination of marble, glass, wood and metal contributes to the perception of space and brand quality.

Nude’s award-winning collections Stem Zero, Memento Mori and Horeca families have customized exhibition spaces. The visuals for these families are used on printed glass which provide the special information about the products on the sheet metal surfaces provide the intersection of our roads with the lines that appeal to our senses.

The high central display units, which draw a road map for circulation, offer stylized living spaces that mirror Nude’s relationship with life. These units were formed by the combination of materials such as metal, glass, wood and marble, serving multiple functions and forms.

These 3 meter high units with dark grey glass panels act as transparent separators integrated with exhibition elements, such as a dining table, a ladder and a stool. Graphical expressions on dark grey glass panels let the customers take a look at Nude’s living areas through windows that Demirden has opened.

The circular installation created by the combination of flying glass spheres of different sizes makes the display area the focal point for the viewer both from the inside and from the outside of the store. The linear metal furniture pieces formed by metal bars used in conjunction with the installation go beyond the traditional boundaries of items and say ‘hello’ with an inviting look.

The interchangeable metal trays placed in the shop window installation allow a dynamic display setup. The façade that can be transformed into a product or installation-oriented showcase according to need creates a flexible usage scenario for Nude.

Project: Paşabahçe Mağazaları / Nude
Year: 2018
Location: İstanbul
Space: 90 m²
Scope: Retail Design, Graphic Design
Photography: İbrahim Özbunar