"Care for Your World"

Design and implementation of the latest exhibition design of Kale, one of the leading companies in the ceramics and bathroom industry, was undertaken by Demirden | ilio at the Unicera fair.

The exhibition design, in which the brand’s Care for Your World positioning is conveyed on a rational and innovative platform, also reminds us of its responsibility to contribute to the sustainable relationship between production and consumption. The structure uses 80% less floor platform, consists of 91% recyclable materials and offers visitors
a contemporary experience.

The structure invites visitors to the main exhibition area through the digital experience corridor, where the concept of Care for Your World is strongly conveyed. The animation with elements from nature and posters specially designed by Demirden | ilio for this project act as effective communication layers at the beginning of the customer journey.

The decorative glass used on the exterior creates the main character of a light structure, and with its transparency, it transfers the experience corridor to the exterior with an intriguing effect.

After the experience corridor, visitors reach the center of the exhibition area, that consists of 3 basic layers. While living spaces where new products are exhibited reflect current interior trends, they also act as an outer shell surrounding the exhibition area.

Kale’s environmentalist products, its relationship with art and design, and social benefit projects are exhibited along the long wall. This Care for Your World wall encompasses the entire exhibition area. In the center, there are also areas where new products are exhibited abstractly with a natural stylization.

The Care for Your World wall construction, designed for reuse, contributes to the sustainable space design strategy by offering a flexible and modular structure.  

The construction, in which raw wooden planks are combined with rational and smart details, creates a natural and sincere interaction platform. The Care for Your World posters, designed by Demirden | ilio, have become a natural part of this wall and they offer a contemporary experience platform in brand communication.

Project: Kale Unicera
Year: 2021
Location: İstanbul
Space: 504 m2
Scope: Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
Photography: Burak Albayrak, Emre Dörter, Demirden | ilio