A Design Studio

The main idea of Kale exhibition design, which was design and applied by Demirden, is to make visitors live the creative atmosphere that design and technology dominate together. 
The simple, open-minded language of a large studio and its inspiration for new ideas enable products to be rediscovered. The space is easily perceived with clear-cut axles and makes visitors’ experience effortless.

The exhibition design with a floor area of 1000 square meter, expanding outwards from the center, welcomes visitors with its innovative and inspiring facade. A sustainable structure has been designed with application details that allow the products that make up the facade to be reused. The facade, which is opaque when viewed from a ninety degree angle, but provides transparency with its gaps as you walk by, completes the light structure ideal.

The large, abstract product exhibits located on the main axes 
in the space, draw attention to a more comfortable and spacious display structure in a smaller volume. Thus, 
the calm and simple spirit of the space is also reflected 
in the customer’s journey.

Located in the center of the exhibition, the section called
Kale Lab is designed as an experience area where visitors
can design their own tiles. The open space meeting area
around the experience area offers a natural and open-minded communication platform with an atmosphere of sincere communication.

The particle obtained from the facade’s two-dimensional section view was used as a visual element in the graphic design of the space. In the sanitaryware area, this particle was used to visualise water wave abstraction as a pattern, while some parts were used as an icon.

Suggestions for new usage of ceramic tiles were presented
with exhibition areas called Mix & Match which presented
the alternatives of using different products with semi-abstract space suggestions. The five bathroom proposals located around the experience area stand out as inviting spaces with
semi-open structures and metal textures specially designed for
each bathroom.

Project: Kale
Year: 2018
Location: İstanbul
Space: 972 m²
Scope: Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
Photography: İbrahim Özbunar