ilio Corporate Identity Design

ilio is about living with nature and getting along with it. ilio’s tableware, furniture and accessories collection thrives on this concept and brings multi-layered products in terms of aesthetics and notion.

It addresses those who enjoy the present and look forward to the future. The designs offer an array of new experiences encouraging one to re-discover their senses, make moments joyful, ever different and worth sharing.

ilio’s motto is the story within… The feeling, notion, and usage resolutions that the designs carry merge into stories within the products.The brand’s focus is products we use in our daily lives. Each of its products reflects a novel approach to both design and the manufacturing process.

ilio products bond intimately with each user and offer them new and innovative experiences in life: At first glance beautiful and functional, inside daring and playful. With these high qualities, ilio is continuously being invited to trend shows all over the world to display their designs which enlighten brands.

Project: ilio
Year: 2008
Location: İstanbul
Scope: Product Design, Corporate Identity Design
Photography: Engin Yıldız