Gümüş-Su Villas

Architect: Alişan Çırakoğlu

The unique combination of nature and modern architecture in Gümüşlük, Bodrum.

Demirden, along with the modern interpretation of the renowned architect Alişan Çırakoğlu, have put their 20+ years of project development experience into the Gümüş-Su Villas.

Gümüş~Su Villas, designed to exist in harmony with the surrounding paradise and watching over the 4000 years of historical and cultural heritage that is the Carian city of Myndos, with their extraordinary architecture and attention to detail, along with first-class materials, present not just a special living space, but a whole new experience to the Bodrum Peninsula.

The breathtaking view of the sea and nature meets innovative architecture in these five exclusive Gümüş~Su Villas, offering the union of high quality design, construction technique and aesthetics.

The patio that greets you at the entrance connects the villa’s three elements, and can also be a cool quiet corner to while away the daytime hours...

The lounge, with its wide glass front leading onto the terrace, gives you the a sense of space and airiness and makes a fantastic view over the natural landscape possible.

The land is situated on a southfacing hillside and each villa has an unimpeded view of the natural surroundings.

The stone walls, made in a style particular to the region, bring the villas’ modern architecture together with the timeless footprints of history and re-animate it anew.

The intention of unifying tranquility and the impressive nature of the region based at the foundation of its architectural approach, the Gümüş~Su Villas rest on a south facing slope.

The end product is a composition of contemporary interpretation of the characteristic qualities of the local architecture blended with an afresh language of design.

The project comprises five separate villas set within an 8000 square-metre piece of land. Each villa has approximately 1000-1350 square-metre garden.

Project: Gümüş Su Villaları
Architect: Alişan Çırakoğlu
Year: 2014
Location: Gümüşlük/Bodrum
Space: 8000 m²
Scope: Proje Geliştirme
Photography: İbrahim Özbunar